Typography by Warhol?

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UPDATE 30/09/2017
In an interview published in a 2008 re-release of Made in Spain, Miguel Bosé says he himself wrote the title on the cover of Made in Spain. Read more here. I will not delete the post below, because it was fun to think and write about this, but as you read it keep in mind that the premise has been proven to be false.

In my previous post I wrote about the booklet that was part of the luxurious promo map made by CBS in 1983, for the release of Made In Spain. The booklet has 8 pages, covers included. Four pages have a promo text in bold printed letters – in Spanish – about Miguel Bosé, and in the centre is a large fold-out poster with the cover art, and a black and white picture of Warhol taking a Polaroid picture of Bosé.

For me, however, the most intriguing is the lettering on the front cover of the booklet. The name ‘Miguel Bosé’ and the title ‘Made in Spain’ are written very large, and with exactly the same colour- changes as the five portraits on the cover of the album.Colouring is done in Warhol style. It makes one wonder if it is Warhol himself who did this lettering (and also the writing on the two albums Made in Spain and Milano-Madrid, and for the single Fuego.)

Lettering has always been important to Warhol, also on album cover art: his handwriting on the covers of Lew White (Melodic Magic) and Progressive Piano; his mother’s award winning calligraphy  on Story of Moondog; the fact that Warhol hated Mick Jagger’s handwriting on Love You Live… Warhol liked to also have control of lettering on his covers.

It’s interesting to compare the typography on Made in Spain, with Warhol’s work on Aretha Franklin’s Jimmy Lee-single. Especially the letter ‘e’.



Try-outs by Warhol for the lettering of  Aretha Franklin’s 1986 single ‘Jimmy Lee’. Part of a lot that was for sale at a Christie’s online auction in 2013: Andy Warhol @ Christie’s: Entertainers



Typography on 2 Bosé-albums and the Fuego-single. The name of the artist and the slash have been repeated, then followed by the different titles.

To be very clear: I do not know for sure if Warhol did the writing for the albums and the Spanish Fuego 45, but I think it is very well possible. The Italian single Non Siamo Soli has letters that are written with a much thicker pen, but absolutely not sure if  it’s written by the same person, or by someone who tried to make it look similar..


2 thoughts on “Typography by Warhol?”

  1. Wow! I never even looked at the typography on these Miguel Bosé covers! But you must be right, they must be Andy’s work. Great post. I love thecway you pick up on what some might just call ‘trivia’–but really interesting anyway.


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