Milano-Madrid, and back again

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Eighties, Pop & Rock

Miguel Bosé was born in Panama (South America); his father was a famous Spanish bullfighter ( Luis Miguel Dominguín), his mother an Italian actress (Lucia Bosè). He became a star in all three places. In 1983 Bosé released two records simultaneously: Made in Spain in Spain and South-America, Milano-Madrid in Italy. Both albums had the same cover art, the portraits by Andy Warhol.

From a PR- and sales point-of-view, this seems to be a brilliant move. But it turns out that Bosé, when looking back at this period, ist’t happy at all with the double issue. In a long interview with the Argentinian magazine Gatopardo (2014), Bosé says: “The album Made in Spain was a chaos. It had a common cover for Spain and Italy. But the version for Italy did not have the same songs translated into Italian, but a completely different repertoire. Still with the same cover. And it was this fact that gave me the feeling of being a kind of prostitute, in a situation where there were neither principles nor dignity.”

” (..) I said to myself: This is no longer my language. It is another language than I’m hearing and developing in my head. Or I walk a new path where I recognize myself, or I quit the music business.”

(translated freely from Spanish, with the help of Google translate)

From that moment on Bosé himself got more involved in the decision making, and in the actual songwriting. His next album, Bandido, became his best selling album (1984).

The Italian album Milano-Madrid is not mentioned in the discography section of Bosé’s official website,


The inner sleeve of Milano-Madrid supports three details of Warhol’s portraits of Miguel Bosé. These are not on the  inner sleeve of Made in Spain,  which only has the lyrics, without illustrations.


A CBS promo poster for Milano-Madrid shows Bosé’s portrait in black & white. Lettering is in red. At the bottom two of the portraits are repeated three times each, in colour. These portraits are placed in what resembles a piece of movie roll. This refers to the fact that Bosé also was/is a movie star.


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