Brazilian Artie Shaw LP cover

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It’s about time I start writing for this blog again, the first post in 2016. The reason for this gap in time is that I’ve been working on a city guide book about Budapest (Hungary), which was an intensive ride. Beautiful city, lots of things to do. Now the book is nearly finished, let’s get back to Warhol’s cover art.

A few weeks ago I picked up an interesting Brazilian album on eBay. The cover uses the same drawing Warhol made for Artie Shaw’s Both Feet In The Groove album  (USA, RCA Victor, LPM 1201, 1956). But the main point of interest is that the Brazilian album is not a reissue of Both Feet. It’s their version of another Shaw-album which in the US was titled My Concerto (RCA Victor, LPT 1020, 1955). In the US this album does not have a Warhol cover. Title of the Brazilian album is Meu concêrto (RCA Victor, BKL 37).

The drawing on the Brazilian album is copied directly from the Both Feet-cover, not from Warhol’s original drawing. The white ‘gap’ in the left hand, where originally the word FEET was placed, is still there. Another remarkable fact is that Warhol’s signature has been deleted. On the original US album small initials a.W. are written between the clarinet player’s left hand pink and right hand index finger.


LP Meu concêrto, Brazil (front)


LP Meu concêrto, Brazil (back)

2012.11.11 375

LP Both Feet in the Groove, USA (front)

2012.11.11 376

LP Both Feet in the Groove, USA (back)


Warhol’s initials “a.W.” on the cover of Both Feet In The Groove.

I also have an Australian copy of Both Feet in my collection. On this issue the cover art and record track list are identical to the US album. Only difference is that it’s a soft cover, flip back. (RCA Records, L10435, 1958).

2012.11.11 377

LP Both Feet in the Groove, Australia (front)

2012.11.11 378

LP Both Feet in the Groove, Australia (back)

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