Warhol on 45: Count Basie – Count Basie

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Fifties, Jazz, Warhol on 45

In 1955 RCA Victor released a Count Basie album – without a title – that had a beautiful Warhol portrait of the Count on the cover. The complete album was also released on 7 inch, in a great triple gatefold cover (EPC-1112).

IMG_20150528_130612 IMG_20150528_130714 IMG_20150528_130806

In Europe the three 7″ singles were issued separately (EPC-1112-1 until 3), even in two color variations. Of the yellow variation I only have records 1 and 2, but according to the notes on the back cover also nr. 3 exists.

IMG_20150528_131526 IMG_20150528_131534 IMG_20150528_131548 IMG_20150528_132453 IMG_20150528_132528 IMG_20150528_132540 warhol-count-basie-ep

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