Warhol on 45: Artie Shaw – Both Feet In The Groove

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Fifties, Jazz, Warhol on 45

For the release of Artie Shaw’s Both Feet In The Groove album on the 7 inch format, RCA used the same system as they did for I’m Still Swinging: a double EP with gatefold cover was issued, containing 8 out of 12 tracks (EPB-1201). A single 4-track record completed the album on 7″. (EPA-767)IMG_20150528_134537 IMG_20150528_134559 IMG_20150528_134634IMG_20150528_134649

In Europe as far as I know only 8 tracks (from the double EP) were released on 7″, on two separate records. (EPB-1201-1 and EPB-1201-2)IMG_20150528_134738

IMG_20150528_134807IMG_20150528_134749 IMG_20150528_134844

One thought on “Warhol on 45: Artie Shaw – Both Feet In The Groove”

  1. Great to get to see them all side by side like that! This is actually one of my favourite covers, too bad you rarely see the EP’s anywhere. At least now i can have a look at them here. 🙂

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