Warhol on 45: Joe Newman – I’m Still Swinging

Fifties, Jazz, Warhol on 45

I’m starting a series of posts now about my single collection: Warhol on 45. First one in line is Joe Newman’s I’m Still Swinging. Warhol delivered a blotted line drawing, but whoever did the design has not been credited. Often you read that a difference in design between LP cover and EP cover is the color of lettering: red on the LP, blue on the EP cover. That is not entirely true: the double EP EPB-1198 with gatefold cover, which most likely was the first to be issued, has the same red lettering. This record contains 8 tracks.

IMG_20150528_132935 IMG_20150528_132945 IMG_20150528_133027

A second EP EPA-708 was issued, containing 4 tracks and thus completing the 12 track album on 7″. This EP has the cover with blue lettering.



In Europe the 12 tracks were released on three separate EP’s, containing 4 tracks each. Lettering was also blue, but more feeble in comparison to the almost navy blue on the US cover.IMG_20150528_133318 IMG_20150528_133336 IMG_20150528_133412IMG_20150528_133446

Also a German issue of the EPA-708 four track record exists.

IMG_20150528_133502 IMG_20150528_133519

All together:


2 thoughts on “Warhol on 45: Joe Newman – I’m Still Swinging”

  1. As always it’s great to get to see parts of your collection, Guy! And i didn’t know there are actually three variations in coloring on these, guess you learn something new every day. 🙂 Also nice to see some Jim Flora covers on the back, love those as well. Keep it coming!

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  2. Great collection. I have never seen the European set before! Thanks for clarifying the colouring of the lettering. I’ve learnt something.


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