Warhol from Ads to Books and Back Again

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Record albums with Andy Warhol cover art is not all I have been collecting of this artist the past twenty or so years, also books and magazines designed, illustrated or published by Warhol. It’s time to take these out of the bookshelves and boxes, and finally show them to people. I will be holding an exhibition the coming four weekends in my hometown Antwerp, Belgium, in a gallery specialised in artist’s books, graphics and printed matter: galerie s&s run by Walter Siemons.

As is the case with the record covers, you can follow every step of Warhol’s career by his work for books and magazines, even more so. There are nearly 200 items on view in the exhibition, going from his early illustration work in the Fifties, over pop art, conceptual art, to commissioned portraits and business art. Even Warhol himself as a fashion model – “special bookings only” – at the big agencies Zoli and Ford Models.

Below you can enjoy some installation views. Details of the exhibition: galerie S&S, Gijselsstraat 60, Borgerhout (Antwerp). Opening on Friday Oct. 28 at 19h, then each Saturday and Sunday until Nov 20, from 14-18h.

Bookcovers from the 1950ies.
Magazine illustrations: shoes and Christmas.
Commissioned portraits for magazine and book covers: Sid Vicious, André Heller, Barbara Feldon, Goethe, Herman Hesse.
Colourful illustrations in American Girl magazine.
Beautiful magazine cover art.
Warhol modelling.
Fashion commissions.
Warhol’s Interview magazine.
Pop art techniques tried out in illustrations for editorials in Harper’s Bazaar (1962, 1963).

2 thoughts on “Warhol from Ads to Books and Back Again”

  1. Skip Chapman says:

    Hi Guy! What a unique and impressive exhibit. I had no idea your collection was so diverse. “Thanks” for sharing. I wish I could make the trip “across the pond” to experience it in person.
    I’m sure it’s going to be a fun and successful event! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Johan Weckhuyzen says:

    Hi Guy, It was super to meet you finally and I enjoyed so much our chat that I had to come back one week later, to support you.I really hope some day we can do something together.

    Liked by 1 person

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