Wedding March/ Scherzo on Japanese EP

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Classical music, Fifties, Warhol on 45

The recording of Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream – incidental music by the Wiener Philharmoniker (Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra) conducted by Pierre Monteux  took place on 25-28 November 1957 in the Sofiensaal, Vienna.

In those years record company Decca undertook a series of recordings in a licensing agreement with RCA. First release of this Midsummer Night’s Dream recording on an album was RCA Victor, LM-2223, in 1958. Same recording was also released on the Victrola label in 1964. In later years the  rights for the recording went to Decca, that’s why nowadays you can find Monteux’ much applauded interpretation of Midsummer Night’s Dream on Decca cd’s only.

Release date of the Japanese single had to be end of 1958, or most likely even later. I could find no sign of a Japanese LP release of the complete piece.

The drawing of seven angels on the cover of the single, is the same as the cover of the 1956 album Cool Gabriels. The Japanese single was first spotted by French collector and friend Florent Fressier.



The 1958 LP-release on RCA Victor, LM 2223.


Publicty photo of French conductor Pierre Monteux.

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