Some more Progressive Pianos

Fifties, Jazz

Let’s have a look at some great drawings for the Progressive Piano cover. As usual Warhol did a lot of different drafts for one singular project: with real piano keys or colored patches; with jacket & shirt sleeves or bare arms. After 10 years of collecting and doing research, I learned to live with the fact that the actual album was most likely never released, although it had different serial numbers for a 10 inch album and a 7 inch EP. The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh has some amazing printing proofs for this cover in its collection, perhaps the only ones that exist.

Nevertheless, when you google the serial number LJM 3001 you will actually find that the record has been mentioned in different Goldmine price guides. In the Goldmine Jazz Album Price Guide for instance, compiled by Tim Neely in 2011 the album is mentioned, as a 10 inch album, year of release 1952, with following prices: VG $12.50, VG+ $25.00, NM $50.00. Duh!!!

Warhol-cover-art-Progressive1 Warhol-cover-art-Progressive2 Warhol-cover-art-Progressive3 Warhol-cover-art-Progressive4 Warhol-cover-art-Progressive5 Warhol-cover-art-Progressive6


First of the above drawings is the record company printing proof from the collection of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. The other drawings can be found in the books: Andy Warhol Giant Size (Phaidon), Andy Warhol Drawings and Illustrations of the 1950s (DAP/Goliga Books), Warhol Live (exhibition catalogue, Montréal 2008), From SilverPoint to Silver Screen (Daniel Blau, Hirmer).

2 thoughts on “Some more Progressive Pianos”

  1. Nice post Guy, thanks for sharing the images. I had seen some but not all of them. Strange but interesting that it’s mentioned in the guide, didnt know that.


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