Progressive Horowitz Piano

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Classical music, Fifties

The RCA Victor album Piano Music of Mendelssohn and Liszt, by Vladimir Horowitz, is one of the six new additions to the brand new second edition of Paul Maréchal’s catalogue raisonné of Andy Warhol record covers. Maréchal situates the date of release about 1954, and to be even more precise the album was released in the second half of 1953. The record is mentioned in The Billboard of December 5 1953, page 35 in the section Classical Recent Release Sellers. It is stated that “All records listed have been released less than six months ago”.

The blotted line drawing of two hands and piano keys resembles one of the (many) drawings Warhol did earlier for the RCA jazz album cover Progressive Piano, but which was most likely never released. One can guess that because one project had been aborted, Warhol has reused the same idea for another.

Two versions of the Horowitz cover with the Warhol drawing exist: the US stiff cardboard cover, and a German release in a laminated & much thinner cover. After three years already the album was reissued with a generic cover in the RCA-series Vault Treasures, which was basically an attempt to increase mail orders.

In an online Warhol sale from Christie’s in 2013 an ink drawing of two hands was for sale, which is the exact mirror image of the blotted line drawing from the Progressive Piano series. This most likely was the original drawing on which the transparent paper was laid, to trace and afterwards blot the drawing.

warhol-cover-art-horowitz-1 warhol-cover-art-horowitz-2 warhol-cover-art-horowitz-3 warhol-cover-art-horowitz-4 warhol-cover-art-horowitz-5 warhol-cover-art-horowitz-6 warhol-cover-art-horowitz-8.

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