Kenny Burrell – Blue Note 1543

Fifties, Jazz

The first Andy Warhol-Reid Miles collaboration on Blue Note was for the album Kenny Burrell, no title, Blue Note 1543. The album was released in 1957. The cover has a great drawing of Burrell playing the guitar. The original drawing can be seen in the book Andy Warhol – Drawings and illustrations of the 1950s (D.A.P./Goliga Books). Some bad rip-offs of this drawing have been sold as originals on eBay lately.

The lettering on the original album cover crosses Burrell’s eye. When the album was reissued in Stereo, in the Seventies, lay out was a bit altered, in a manner that clears the eye, which is nice. Yet another version exists, in one of the two boxes released by Doxy in Italy, with Warhol jazz covers. On  these covers all original record company names and numbers had to be removed. Also the text Blue Note 1543, leaving some white spots in the face of the guitar player. It looks so silly, I did not even bother to take a picture.

Kenny Burrell – BLP 1543 – mono. Released 1957. Cover design Andy Warhol and Reid Miles.

Kenny Burrell – BST81543 – stereo. Released 1967.

The above releases, with focus on the difference in lay out.
Original drawing in Andy Warhol – Drawings and illustrations of the 1950s (D.A.P./Goliga Books).

4 thoughts on “Kenny Burrell – Blue Note 1543”

  1. Great stuff Guy, one of my favourite covers. And thanks for showing the original drawing, hadn’t seen that before. And i hate those Blue Note collectors… πŸ™‚

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