“The Huckleberry Finn of the avant-garde”

Eighties, Pop & Rock

A few months ago on eBay a copy of Walter Steding and The Dragon People’s 12″ single The Joke was for sale, accompanied by an original press promo sheet. In an earlier post I wrote about Andy Warhol’s involvement in Steding’s music carreer as a manager. The promo blurb tells exactly that:

“Walter Steding came to us from Zelienople, Pennsylvania. Walter’s first concerts in New York City were held at art galleries where he juxtaposed bio-feedback devices and electric violin. As these concerts became more musical, Walter decided he was ready for the club scene. He then performed at C.B.G.B.’s where he was not only applauded but also got paid. From these club performances he was seen and asked to record an album with Red Star Records with guest appearances by Robert Fripp and Richard Lloyd. Presently Walter is managed by Andy Warhol and has recorded a special 12″ single titled “The Joke”/”Chase The Dragon” produced by Blondie’s Chris Stein.”

The promo sheet is printed on Andy Warhol Enterprises, Inc. stationary. Person to contact was Warhol associate Vincent Fremont.

Surprisingly, the promo blurb does not mention the fact that The Joke was released on Warhol’s own, brand new label Earhole Productions.

Walter Steding Dragon People Promo Sheet - Copy

Walter Steding promo sheet on Andy Warhol Enterprises, Inc. stationary.

The sheet also contains fragments of reviews in magazines Slash, New York Rocker and Interview, and this one from Soho Weekly News:

“Walter Steding, the boy wonder, the Huckleberry Finn of the avant-garde. Steding’s reputation has been growing. Hid gigs with folks like Robert Fripp, Debbie Harry, and Chris Stein are already the stuff of legends. His cover of Hound Dog is destined to be a rock classic.”


By the way I was not the buyer of the single + sheet, asking price was a stunning $1.000 so that’s about $200 for the record and 800 for the sheet!


Walter Steding and The Dragon People, The Joke, front cover.


Walter Steding and The Dragon People, The Joke, back cover.

2 thoughts on ““The Huckleberry Finn of the avant-garde””

  1. Thanks for sharing! Taking a screenshot is an easy way to save $800… Funny that they make sure to mention that they not only played but actually got paid for doing so. 🙂 Hey! Ho! Let’s go!

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