Andy Earhole

Paul Anka: Luminous Painter

For the promotion of Paul Anka’s prestigious album The Painter (1976), record company United Artists spared no costs. They produced a light box with the cover image on the album, to put on the counter of selected record stores.

The Warhol portrait is printed on a plastic front, with the image of Paul Anka in bas-relief. The box itself is made of cardboard. Size is much larger than the album cover, about 50 X  50 cm.

I have not seen many of these boxes for sale in the past ten years. Once in a while the plastic 3D-front is offered on its own, sometimes framed (for quite a lot of money).

Three holes on top, for airing and cooling.

Plastic front removed, to have a look inside the box. Original lamp and US-plug are present, but I also added a new lamp and wire, and Belgian plug.

The original box the light display was shipped in to the record stores.