Andy Earhole

Censored Silk Electric cassette

The cover portrait for the 1982 Diana Ross album Silk Electric was based on a Polaroid picture that Warhol shot of the singer, with bare shoulders.

For the release of the album on cassette in Egypt, the naked shoulder seemed to be a problem. Which was easily fixed with some art director magic: Diana Ross is now wearing a blue dress with a tiny black collar. (There is no mention of the country of origin on the cassette, but according to Discogs the label Super was Egyptian).

Egyptian cover of the Silk Electric-cassette on the Super label.

Also In Saudi Arabia the album  Silk Electric was released on cassette. The approach to censor the cover art was different, though: the cover was cropped – zoomed-in if you like – so the bare shoulder was not in the picture at all.

Two Saudi cassettes with Diana Ross albums. Left: Silk Electric with cropped cover. Right:  Why Do Fools Fall in Love, with a sort of ‘frosty’ paint-over.

RCA promo picture of Andy Warhol and Diana Ross in front of her portrait by Warhol.